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At EPIQ Resourcing, we provide recruitment services to large global companies. We support clients across North America, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Customizable temporary and permanent staffing solutions that can address a range of client needs, from small to high volume, are a valuable asset in the field of recruitment. Given how constantly shifting the employment market can become, the capacity to swiftly scale your teams in response to the hiring needs of significant staffing companies and organizations is a vital feature.

EPIQ Resourcing emphasis on industry expertise and transparency is also commendable. These qualities are essential in building trust with clients and candidates. Trust is a critical component in the recruitment industry, as clients rely on your services to find the right talent for their organizations. Transparency can help foster open communication and build long-term, successful partnerships. We can rapidly roll out and scale sourcing and recruiting teams in response to the hiring needs of large staffing firms and corporations. Our recruiting industry expertise and transparency allow us to serve as trusted partners.


Ensuring Workforce Resilience in
Changing Times

EPIQ staffing services including, a wide range of staffing services.
These solutions could include a range of employment-related and staffing services customized for the requirements of both employers and job seekers.
Our expertise in staffing specific industries, such as healthcare, IT, engineering, finance, or other specialized fields.


EPIQ Resourcing has a strategic approach to meet short-term workforce needs while ensuring that the core team can focus on their primary responsibilities. It can be a valuable resource for organizations looking to execute projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


The consultants at EPIQ might be hired on a contract-to-hire basis. These consultants most likely contribute specific knowledge and abilities to their positions. Initially, consultants are employed on a temporary or short-term basis.


EPIQ's offshore staffing services from their offshore development center in India are designed to provide IT resources to organizations looking for skilled professionals to work on global projects.


EPIQ Resourcing's services appear to be geared towards helping businesses efficiently address their staffing requirements during periods of increased demand, growth, or turnover, ensuring they find high-quality talent to support their ongoing success.

The right people

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A correct fit

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People Staying

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Further progress

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Why Choose
Our Staffing Service

Choosing EPIQ Resourcing for staffing services can be a strategic decision based on a variety of factors that make the company stand out in the staffing industry. It’s important to note that his knowledge is based on information available, and the specific details and advantages of EPIQ Resourcing may change over time.

EPIQ Resourcing typically has robust screening and selection processes. We conduct interviews, skill assessments, background checks, and reference checks to ensure that the candidates they present are of high quality.

We offers specialized staffing services, such as executive search, IT staffing, healthcare staffing, or other niche areas. If you have specific staffing needs, they may have the expertise to address them.

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